Tips to Effective Leaflet Distribution

SuniLeaflet campaigns have been a staple for many years in the marketing business. They provide a useful means by which to promote their products and services, events and causes. They utilize visual stimulation to stir the interest of recipients and call them to action. One of the biggest challenges when implementing these campaigns is in choosing distributors. Leaflet distributors are very important because they are the face of the promotion before the recipients even get to look at the paper put in their hands. It is important that they play their role appropriately to elicit the best possible response.

Pick distributors with the most positive and welcoming demeanor. The more open they are to interaction with strangers, the easier it will be for people to approach them and accept leaflets. It is also important to train them on the particular product or service they are promoting. The more familiar they are with it and the business behind it, the more easily they can answer any queries put to them by recipients of the leaflets. Brainstorm on simple opening lines that can be used to approach recipients and encourage them to pick leaflets. Having a small brainstorming session can also give you the opportunity to impart words of motivation.

Encourage the leaflet distributors to smile and make eye contact with recipients. This will make it harder for the recipients to avoid them and may make them willing to engage in some short conversation. Remember to always be pleasant with people, even if they may be rude towards you. If someone appears to be hostile to your approach, do not try to change their mind. Let them be and move on to the next person. Being able to positively handle different personalities well means you should have some level of self motivation and passion for marketing.

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